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Kedric's games are typically light or filler games in that can be played in under 30 mins by casual gamers and non-gamers. They are mostly mild-horror or weird-fiction themed. Many Games are available for license. See below for details and feel free to make enquiries.

In Noir the game’s Judge sets a Victim and a Killer. Then players must select a Means, Motive and Opportunity from cards in their hand. They then use these elements to tell the story of how the killer did the deed. Preferably this is delivered in the style of a Detective in the third act, revealing to the audience and assembled cast just how clever they were to figure it out. The stories are cross examined and picked for holes by the other players, before the Judge settles on the best, using whatever criteria they prefer.

Read the the rules, download the P&P Cards, see the sell Sheet

Noir is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

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In Psychobabble a group therapy session where one of you is the psychotherapist, most of you are suffering from mass hysteria and one of you is completely insane. Nobody knows who's who. There is suspicion, paranoia and a lot of fun. 

Psychobabble is currently licenced to Cheatwell Games.

Cadaver is a card game for gentlemanly Necromancers. Two to six players must compete against each other to raise and reanimate as many corpses as possible before the break of dawn. Different types of corpse require different types of resurrection and thus the Necromancers must use a variety of arcane resources and accomplices to achieve their dastardly aims.

Cadaver will be available for licence from Jun 2022.

Cadaver card game
Poison card game

Poison is a trick taking game for 2 – 6 players. Players each lay Drinks cards of differing suits trying to win tricks by playing the highest card in the current suit. Unlike other trick taking games the trump suit in Poison is a bad thing that negatively affects you if you play it. It is literally a poisoned chalice. 

Download the Poison rules, Download P&P File,

Download sell Sheet

Poison is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

Imps Devilish Duels is a hybrid dice and card battle game for two players. Each player controls a team of four mischievous Imps, each of which has a skill based on their elemental alignment. To win, you must bring together the best combination of imps for your chosen strategy! A game of Imps tasks players to fight a series of elemental trials (Earth, Fire, Water & Air) using their dice scores in different ways to defeat each other.

With a game time of around 20-30 minutes, several rounds can be played in quick succession.

Download 12 P&P sample cards. Download the rules.

IMPS is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

IMPS Devilish Duels card and dice game
Lost in R'lyeh card game

In Lost in R'lyeh the titular island city of R'lyeh is full of horrors. Profane idols, ominous dreams, and voodoo rites await its visitors. Underneath the city, great Cthulhu lies dreaming of rising soon…

Try to escape the city of R'lyeh in this tight, tense hand-management game based on the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft.

Lost in R'lyeh  is currently licenced to Atlas Games.

The Bottled Imp Game is a 20-minute competitive fantasy deduction card game for 2 to 6 players. Outwit your friends to catch the imp! Players take turns laying cards to sabotage, look at, and take from other players’ hands, plus boost their own cards, whilst seeking the elusive Bottled Imp to win the game. Over 8 rounds, players must compete to be the one who has the Bottled Imp Card in their hand at the end of the game. The player holding the Bottled Imp Card wins the game.

Download the rules.

The Bottled Imp Game is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

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Genies of Abyssinia takes you back to an ancient kingdom that never was. A place of shifting sands, suspicious sultans and malign magic. Players use their uniquely powered genies to make three wishes, trying to achieve Wealth, Power and Love!

Download the Genies of Abyssinia Sell Sheet Here.

Download the Rules Here.

Download the P&P Files Here.

Genies of Abyssinia  is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

In Shadow Shift criminal players choose to guide their thieves, through the darkened maze of corridors using subterfuge, bluffs, misdirection and cunning to be the first to reach the vault. The Security Guards player must use his two Guards and powers of deduction to uncover which of the warehouse’s many shadows conceal the criminals.

Download the Rules Here.

Shadow Shift  is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

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The Light Speed Cup is a high speed death race against the clock. Drivers have a limited time to out-wit, out-manoeuvre, and out-pace the competition. Their fission powered Skimmers speed along future highways ramming each other and firing dangerous energy weapons. The clock starts and players have until time runs out to wipe their opponents off of the track.

Download the Rules.

Light Speed Cup  is available to licence. Submit a form on the contact page if interested

Ferrum's Forge is a city building, tile laying game with a twist. Each player represents a different guild working to rebuild the ruined city. Each guild has a different special power and more crucially a different way of scoring. This sees players choices sometimes helping each other sometimes hindering each other. the varied nature of the scoring keeps everyone engaged right to last tile.

Download the Rules, Download P&P Files, Watch the video guide here. Ferrum's Forge is available to licence. Submit a form if interested

Ferrum's Forge Game Prototype (9).jpg
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The Ghost Hunter games are a series of five card deck each containing cards related to a horror theme: Spirits, Witches, Vampires, Monster, Angels & Demons. Each deck can be played as a stand alone game or combined for larger more varied games. Each has a common set of base rules, but different special rules fitting each theme. Ghost Hunter is available to licence. Submit a form if interested

In the future of Blue Shift competing conglomerates race to harvest the matter from a collapsing star system before it implodes dragging their ships into its' massive gravity. Blue Shift, a 2-4 player sci-fi boards game in which players move around an ever decreasing board trying to collect points and eliminate each other. Download the Rules

 Blue Shift is available to licence. Submit a form if interested

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